Genital warts men

The HPV virus is responsible for the occurrence of warts, which becomes active when the immune system weakens, with visible and convex warts occurring in the genital and anal areas.
In men, genital warts usually appear on the penis, under the foreskin, and also on the scrotum, the skin around the anus, and even inside the urethra. First, they have the form of small warts, but over time they can spread and form larger groups.

Genital warts pictures


Diseases caused by HPV

According to recent studies, the human papilloma virus – HPV – is also responsible for the development of tumors: in women, in the cervix; in men, in the penis and anal cancer. In addition, the HPV virus can cause cancer of the respiratory tract, including the throat, which is related to oral sex, which also favors infection.


Medications for genital warts

Currently, there are no HPV medications. Genital warts and other changes caused by the virus are treated symptomatically. A vaccine for men is being worked on continuously. Currently, only one vaccine is available for women against cervical carcinoma. This is currently the most effective combination of Aldara / Condyline / Warticon / Pills, which strengthen the immune system.