Genital warts pictures

Genital warts is usually associated with the disease of women. In men, in most cases it is not a cause of serious diseases, but having a weakened immune system can also be a danger to them. If the immune system is unable to fight the virus, complications can arise that are risks not only to health but also to life.

Human papillomavirus or HPV usually does not cause health problems. It is estimated that infection with this virus affects approximately half of the population. It is a cause of serious illness in about 1% of sexually active men, where it is usually the cause of warts in the urogenital area, both for curve papulosis and for the pre-invasive stage of skin cancer – intestinal disease. In rare cases, it leads to cancer of the anus and penis in men.

Human papilloma virus is most commonly transmitted by contact with the infected person’s skin, such as warts that occur as a result of HPV infection. The other cause of infection is sexual intercourse.

The highest risk for the development of HPV-related diseases occurs in men who have an active sex life, a weakened immune system and also in men with HIV.

Until now, about 100 HPV virus species have been found to be divided into low-risk, high-risk types. For both men and women, only certain viruses are dangerous:

  • Low-risk HPV type 1 and 2 viruses that cause warts on the feet; HPV6 and HPV11 viruses, which are sexually transmitted and cause genital warts – in the area of the sex organs and the anus
  • High-risk HPV viruses HPV 16 and HPV 18, which are oncogenic, ie associated with an increased risk of cancer; In men, they rarely cause penile or anal cancer


What do genital warts look like :