HPV epidemic

From year to year, more and more people are infected with HPV, and this problem does not only affect women. Doctors observed that the risk of infection of sexually active people is about 50%, and most cases are asymptomatic. However, many people have complained of unpleasant problems. Most importantly, the virus increases the risk of cancer, not just that of the cervix.

HPV, human papillomavirus, is a pathogen that is transmitted sexually. And although their transmitters are among 8 out of 10 people, the contagion usually occurs asymptomatically. However, there are two dangerous types of this virus. Those at highest risk are HPV 16 and 18.

One of Warsaw’s doctors, Dr. Rutkowski, admits that he diagnoses some cases of HPV every week and the number is constantly growing. The doctor emphasizes that it is scary that adolescents already report the problem of genital warts caused by the virus. These are unsightly warts that produce mucus. From the medical observation, it is seen that the problem often reaches young people restricted to oral contact. You are not really aware of how to get infected with HPV. And even though warts do not lead to neoplastic changes, their treatment is difficult and time-consuming.

The statement by Dr. SÅ‚awomir Sikora should also be noted. He emphasizes that it is worrying that the number of HPV infections with the dangerous types of virus is growing steadily. These viral types do not give symptoms for a long time and then induce neoplastic changes in the cervix. 5 Poles die every day, twice as many as all of Europe.

The basic knowledge is still missing

Cervical carcinoma in the early stages can be cured. The problem, however, is that by statistics, Poles generally go to the doctor when the disease has reached the advanced stage. For this reason, doctors are increasingly sending their patients for genetic testing. If there is a risk that the HPV virus becomes active, the patient remains under the special supervision of a physician. Women are unaware that their partners may also be infected with HPV.

Dr. Rutkowski points out that infected people pose a danger to future sexual partners. The campaigns for the prevention of cervical carcinoma carried out in society only indicate that the HPV virus is responsible for a third of all cases of cancer.