HPV vaccine

New clinical studies clearly confirm that an HPV vaccine is used to protect women from the onset of neoplastic lesions in the cervix. This virus, in addition to cervical carcinoma, also causes tumors in the vulva and vagina. It appears that this vaccine, administered on time, is 100% effective.

HPV vaccines actually protect against the more oncogenic types of the virus, namely HPV 16 and 18. This mutation accounts for more than 70% of cervical carcinoma cases worldwide. In the area of health promotion, the European Commission has decided that it is advisable to vaccinate girls aged 9 to 15 and young women. Vaccination is intended to prevent not only the above mentioned but also other diseases, including neoplastic changes in the area of the vulva or the appearance of genital warts. For boys, the vaccine is used only for protection against genital warts.

The results of the studies show that the vaccine is 100% effective and protects women from one type of infection with other variants of this virus. Unfortunately, this does not alter the course of the infection already acquired and therefore can not be used to treat genital warts or cervical cancer.